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has been entertaining music lovers around the world for years. Starting off at a very young age, Harry learned to play guitar, and piano, as well as sing. He landed his first gig in France at the age of 17 and hasn’t slowed down since; going on at age 20 to win the North German Singers competition with his first band, “Harry’s Gang”.

In the early 80’s Harry and a friend of his started a rock n roll club called “The Castle / Die Burg” in Hamburg.

After two years of exciting at The Castle, he decided it was time take his music on an adventure, and set out to share his music in Morocco.

He left his hometown of Hamburg and moved to Morocco to set up a new band. After a few months the funds ran out; unfortunately before the band could really take off.

“Then it hit me, why not solo performances in hotel bars and at Moroccan family celebrations, after all English cover songs were all the rage.”

“I was most fascinated by the extremes in daily life. One day, singing accompanied by lively guitar in the middle of corrugated iron ghetto for enthusiastic pop fans and the next, playing piano in a luxury hotel followed by a sumptuous 4-course menu for polite society.”

“Or sometimes people would simply & politely ask me if I could play something on my guitar play whilst sitting in a cafe. The music was ever present then as it is now and with an equally strong connection. People invited me home to their families and told me their life stories”.

In the 90’s, after eventually returning from his trips around the world, Harry found the “Come Together Studio”, producing bands like Inusa Dawuda, King Kurlee, Sandra king, Lightman, and others.

All these years later, Harry is still passion driven to create music, going on to win several awards in Germany in the late 2000’s to include Germany’s Best Folk Rock Voice 2008, Germany’s Best Pop Voice 2009, and Best Arrangement in 2010. Harry has teamed up with Music and Film’s team to send his music ‘round the world yet again, with his single “I´m Coming Home” soaring to Number 1 in the Rock Charts in 2015.

Harry Tietjen has entered the 
US National Airplay Charts DRT
First Gig at 17


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The Single „I´m Coming Home“ has hit No. 1 twice on 25th of April 2015 in two separate categories

No. 1 National Airplay Top 60 Independent Chart

No. 1   National Airplay Top 50 Rock Chart

No. 23    National Airplay Top 50 Adult Contemporary

The single remained within the first four spots on the charts for 9 weeks consecutively.

May 15, Harry´s second single „Now I´m Free“ has entered the US National Airplay Charts DRT and soared up to No. 4 on the National Airplay Top 75 Independent Charts.


No 1 US National Airplay Charts 25th April 2015

„AND THE WINNER IS..............“ 

Harry Tietjen

has won several „Deutscher Rock und Poppreis“ awards.

„Best Folkrock-Singer 2008“

„Best Pop-Singer 2009“

„Best Arrangement 2010“

Finally, the album is out now! At iTunes, Amazon and many others.

A Song Collection of exciting experiences - the essence of years of travelling, performing in bars, dingy pubs and music events.

The sound is dense & richly arranged, sometimes produced with multiple instruments, or simply just a pure blues club sound: bass, guitar, drums and Hammond organ B3 in songs like „I Have A Dream“.

The Style Rock Pop with Blues, Latin and Funk elements.